fCOI and GMAS communication outage Friday evening through Monday morning


fCOI and GMAS will have a communication outage beginning Friday, 4/21 at 7pm through Monday, 4/24 at 8am.  This will result in GMAS not having up to date fCOI status information during that time.  Once the systems begin communicating again, the data will be updated (expected Monday morning 4/24).

Both systems will still be up and running during this time.

Please communicate this throughout your school/departments to end-users of GMAS as necessary.


Oracle Financial Systems Release Outage will result in outdated data on 4/24 and 4/25

Oracle Financials Systems will be having a Release Outage beginning on Friday, 4/21 at 6pm through Wednesday, 4/26 at 9am.

This will result in GMAS not having up to date financial information on Monday, 4/24 and Tuesday, 4/25 due to the unavailability of the Financials Data Warehouse.  We will have fresh data on Wednesday, 4/26 but it may be delayed because of final validation by Harvard Data Warehouse (HDW) staff.

We will continue to get updates from the HR Data Warehouse during this time period.

Signing the Electronic Participation Agreement

On GMAS help desk, we sometimes receive questions from individuals trying to sign the electronic Participation Agreement and receiving a security error. Here are the two reasons why someone receives this error message instead of landing successfully on the Participation Agreement where they can read the terms and sign. 

1. An incorrect link was provided to the individual who needs to sign: 

Person of Interest Roles in GMAS

If you have ever tried to add a person to your research team or project in GMAS only to find they are not listed, the reason could be how they were set up in the Identity Management System (IDM/MIDAS).  The IDM system is used by HR to assign HUIDs and manage Harvard’s personnel identity data, such as job information and status, as well as start and end dates for positions. 

GMAS Outage Feb 16, 2017 at 7:00pm

GMAS will be unavailable tonight, Feb 16, starting at 7:00pm and available again in the early morning of Feb 17.

The purpose of this outage is to enable GMAS to comply with a new requirement for system to system submissions using HTTPS connections. This change is behind the scenes and will not be noticeable to anyone submitting S2S through GMAS. Please visit our website for the full release notes.

Guest Blogger Series - Alison Wellman Smith from HUIT: Q&A

Thank you so much for reading my blogs and for the interest these past weeks!  We have received some great questions as a result.  We thought we’d share the Q&A with everyone – hope this helps!  If you have other questions, please email the Help Desk at  Your emails will go to the OBI project team.

Lets say you took a break from research admin for a bit and when you came back, CREW was gone and OBI is here.  What are the top reports you would tell a n00b to run?

Guest Blogger Series - Alison Wellman Smith from HUIT: OBI and Sponsored Budgets

Given the wonderful new process to upload sponsored budget to the General Ledger in GMAS, I wanted to take a second to talk about how OBI works with the GL Sponsored Budgets.  GL Sponsored Budgets can be found in a few different OBI dashboards: Sponsored Accounts, Current Grants Financial, Historical Grants Financial, and Printable Grants Financial dashboards.

Guest Blogger Series - Alison Wellman Smith from HUIT: OBI and GMAS – A Match Made in Reporting Heaven

Thank you to the Research Administration Services team for asking me to be a guest blogger!  I hope I’ll be able to provide you with a bit more information about how the new reporting tool, Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) can supplement all the great information you can find in GMAS.

Guest Blogger Series - Alison Wellman Smith from HUIT

Over the span of the next couple weeks, we will be welcoming our second guest blogger Alison Wellman Smith. Alison is a Business Analyst, focusing on the Grants Dashboards on the MFR project in HUIT. Alison began her career in sponsored research a little over thirteen years ago at Brigham and Women’s Hospital where her responsibilities focused on both pre and post award. From BWH, she transitioned into a post award role in the Office for Sponsored Programs here at Harvard.

Have you ever had a quick question about GMAS? Our website has a helpful list of FAQs just for you!

The GMAS website has a list of FAQs for quick answers to commonly asked questions. They are a great resource and link to Job Aids when applicable!

You can access our FAQ page through this link or by hovering over User Resources and clicking FAQ from our main website.

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