The connection between the research team and approvals


GMAS tracks approvals, trainings, and certifications (referred to collectively as “Approvals”) required for requests, projects, or individuals in order to conduct sponsored research. The Research Team generates two of these approvals (Participation Agreement, and Conflict of Interest (COI)) based on each team member’s role as well as the questions answered in the request.


Participation Agreement for Harvard Employees

Generated for all members of the Research Team (anyone who is performing research.) All researchers employed by Harvard must sign the Read more about The connection between the research team and approvals

Conflict of Interest Status Updates

GMAS has a release scheduled for August 15, 2016. The outage to perform the release will begin at 6pm on the 12th. During this time, users will be locked out of GMAS until the release has been completed. For a full list of what is included in this release, please read the GMAS 1_42 release notes.

In addition to the document repository enhancements, this weekend’s release will include new abilities to refresh the COI approval statuses from the approvals list screen in GMAS. Prior to the release, users needed to Read more about Conflict of Interest Status Updates