Document Repositories

New document repository

This past weekend, GMAS was enhanced with a new document repository. The new document repository streamlines navigation by making it easier to view data about documents, download documents, manage documents, and upload documents. Actions that previously were spread across 13 screens can now all be done on 1! Performance has also been significantly improved. Individual document list pages load 5 times faster, and the “All documents” section now loads in under 2 seconds.

August 2016 GMAS Release

GMAS has a release scheduled for August 15, 2016. The outage to perform the release will begin at 6pm on Friday the 12th. During this time, users will be locked out of GMAS until the release has been completed.

This release includes the Document Repository upgrade. Based on user feedback, documents were streamlined to reduce the number of clicks, increase performance time, and allow for improved find-ability. This was achieved by: