The connection between the research team and approvals


GMAS tracks approvals, trainings, and certifications (referred to collectively as “Approvals”) required for requests, projects, or individuals in order to conduct sponsored research. The Research Team generates two of these approvals (Participation Agreement, and Conflict of Interest (COI)) based on each team member’s role as well as the questions answered in the request.


Participation Agreement for Harvard Employees

Generated for all members of the Research Team (anyone who is performing research.) All researchers employed by Harvard must sign the Participation Agreement (PA)  electronically in GMAS:

Authorized GMAS users (typically PIs that already have a project in GMAS) must sign using the following link:

If a researcher has an HUID but is not a GMAS user, they should sign the PA using the following link:


Participation Agreement for non-Harvard Individuals

Anyone who is performing research at Harvard, but who is NOT a Harvard employee must sign the Harvard Visitor Participation Agreement:


Conflict of Interest (COI)             

Generated for all members of the Research Team who are marked as “Investigator”, whether or not they’re Harvard employee.


Approvals and Non-HUID Research Team Members

Individuals without Harvard IDs (HUID) are sometimes added to Harvard projects in GMAS. The most common examples are fellows who are not yet at the University, subrecipient personnel, or consultants. These individuals may be flagged as Investigators.

These non-HUID Research Team Members:

  • WILL NOT receive email notifications from GMAS
  • WILL generate a Participation Agreement approval
  • WILL generate a COI approval if flagged as Investigator

Department Administrators should coordinate with the Office for Sponsored Programs (OSP)or their Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) office to obtain the appropriate documentation and update the GMAS COI approval accordingly for non-Harvard Investigators who do not have an HUID and who are not eligible for one.