How to View All Action Memos for Grant

As is common of many areas of GMAS, there are several ways to get to the action memos for a grant in GMAS.


  1. After you search for your project, select Action memos  from the left-hand navigation on the Segment homepage


  1. Navigate to a request homepage and select   in the right-hand column
  2. On the resulting Action memos list screen, you can see a list of all action memos.
    1. Click the Date initiated link to view detailed information about a particular action memo.
    2. Click the PDF icon in the Action memo column to view a PDF version of that particular action memo.
  3. Clicking the Date initiated link for a particular action memo brings you to the Action memo screen, where you can view detailed information such as who was a recipient of the electronic action memo and action memo comments.
    1. Click the Download action memo button to view a PDF version of the action memo.
    2. Click the Associated notice information link to view the associated sponsor notice, if applicable.


The Action memo also shows the specific changes made in GMAS during that revision. For example, under the Awarded dates and dollars section, it will have columns to show “Current” and “Change” to capture if any time or money was added or removed during the revision. These details can be viewed by clicking the open icon next to the appropriate heading: