GMAS Release 1_53

April 24, 2020

GMAS release 1_53 will be available at the start of business on Monday April 27th 2020. 

Cost Sharing

This release includes a new cost sharing form which supports all sources of cost sharing and more closely aligns with the cost sharing policy, a new cost sharing approval, and a new cost sharing request. 

  • New cost sharing form
    • Includes all sources of cost sharing 
      • University/School contributions
        • Accounts only need to be entered once 
          • Multiple categories/object codes can be added per account
      • Sponsored contributions (matching funds)
        • Links to other sponsored project in GMAS
      • Subrecipient cost sharing
      • In-kind cost sharing
    • Allows for capturing amounts per budget period
  • Updates for initial and renewal proposals
    • Added a new item to "Actions required" if the cost sharing question is "Yes"
    • The cost sharing form can be viewed and edited from a new panel on the proposal homepage
    • Cost sharing signatories are available in the signatory list when a proposal with cost sharing is locked and routed for review
    • New summary panel shows for people signing electronically 
      • Includes high level proposal details 
        • Subagreement summary when applicable
        • Cost sharing summary when applicable
      • Updated attestation language
  • New cost sharing request
    • New cost sharing request type available
    • New request provides the ability to make updates to the cost sharing form for a segment outside of an initial or renewal proposal and route for review and approval 
  • New cost sharing approval and workflow
    • New view screen for the cost sharing approval
      • Shows the current version of the cost sharing form
      • Includes a list of all prior versions of the cost sharing form
      • Shows the current status of the approval
        • If the status is "Needs review" a department user can either confirm that the current version of the form is still accurate, or create a new version of the form
      •  A review of the cost sharing form will be triggered when
        • A notice is logged for the first time on a proposal that includes cost sharing
        • Creating a continuation or supplement request on a segment that has cost sharing 
          • Email notifications will be sent to those in the Department Administrator role indicating a review is needed
        • A Central Administrator manually triggers a review from the approval actions
  • Cost sharing cutover
    • All cost sharing forms and matching funds entered prior to this release have been migrated to the new form
      • All dollar amounts will appear in budget period 1
      • Documents, comments, and signatures have all been migrated to the new form
  • Removed matching funds
    • The matching funds question and approval have been removed from GMAS, and are now incorporated into the cost sharing form as "Sponsored contributions"
    • Any matching funds entered prior to this release have been migrated to the new form and the cost sharing flag has been updated to reflect cost sharing if not already present

Resources for cost sharing:


  • Project type dropdown for proposal entry and segment revision now lists items in alphabetical order
  • Improved color contrast for better accessibility across the application
  • Added a new placeholder icon for all autocomplete fields to better distinguish them from plain text entry
  • Fixed a layout alignment issue when editing person profiles
  • Fixed the financial report scheduler to correctly set the submission method for final reports in certain scenarios
  • Fixed an issue causing the debarment approval to not generate for some requests
  • Fixed an issue where some person approvals for Conflict of Interest could generate multiple times per person
  • Fixed a data entry issue for proposal budget for proposals with more than 5 budget periods
  • Fixed an error when editing standing team scope
  • Updating person months to display trailing decimals everywhere in GMAS


  • Updated Node/NPM for the ui-toolkit to the latest versions
  • Refactored the account list page based on a new method for downloading