GMAS Release 1_54.3

August 10, 2020

GMAS release 1_54.3 is a minor enhancement and bug fix release which will be available on Wednesday, August 12, 2020

International Collaboration and Activity

  • Added an "Email this page" link to the International Collaboration and Activity form
  • Fixed a bug which allowed more than 200 characters to be entered in a field with a 200 character limit
  • Fixed a bug on the "show info link" which resulted in an error message when completing the International Collaboration and Activity form

Cost sharing

  • Added an edit button to the cost sharing form view screen
  • Added an org field for companion accounts
  • Fixed a bug where the cost sharing approval did not move to "Done" when a missing signature is removed from the request, resulting in the request moving to "Authorized" status
  • Added the ability to add tool-tips to the individual cost share sources options on the edit version of the form


  • Fixed an issue where the effective and expiration dates for IRB approvals were not updating properly on the approval list screen
  • Fixed a bug related to the NE interface where the job fails when there are multiple rows of data for gl periods


  • Improved performance on the segment homepage
  • Added the ability to have a special character in the domain section of an email address (example:
  • Fixed a bug where individuals names were not displaying properly in tool-tips
  • Fixed a bug on the request dashboard that resulted in an error message when a row was expanded that had a signature requirement with no person assigned
  • Added information to email failures that are received by the GMAS team to include links to relevant documentation for troubleshooting purposes