GMAS Release 1_54.4

September 14, 2020

GMAS release 1_54.4 is a minor enhancement and bug fix release which will be available on Monday September 14, 2020

International Collaboration and Activity

  • International and cost sharing requests now show summary information, including the ability to view and edit submission details
  • A pdf version of the international checklist can be downloaded from the checklist view screen, the international approval, or the international request home
  • The "Form needs departmental review" button for the international approval now sends an email notification to the department administrator
  • Completing the international checklist is now required for initial and competing proposals before lock and route
  • When editing an international checklist, any foreign sponsors or subagreements no longer link away from the page (the links still exist on the view page)
  • "Create new version of form" for the international approval is no longer available before a proposal is submitted
  • Fixed a visual layout issue when expanding the international section in the signature modal for initial/competing requests

Cost sharing

  • On the cost sharing form, previously saved orgs or object codes were not behaving correctly when editing the form
  • "Create new version of form" for the cost sharing approval is no longer avaialable before a proposal is submitted
  • Added the ability to add tool-tips to the individual cost share sources options on the view version of the form


  • Competing renewals can now be created on closed segments
  • Fixed an issue preventing new people from being created while logging signatures
  • Fixed a tooltip that was showing up in the wrong place on the external organization home page
  • Fixed internal and changes to existing segments to correctly validate data before lock and route