GMAS Release 1_55

October 19, 2020

GMAS release 1_55 is a major release which will be available on Monday, October 19 , 2020

International Collaboration and Activity

  • Added PI as optional signature for international requests
  • Bug fixes:
    • International approval will no longer be generated if "billing agreement" is selected for project type
    • International panel or action required will not display on the Initial or Competing Renewal request if the international approval was not generated, or if the approval was created after the proposal was submitted
    • "Form Needs Departmental Review" button on International Approval will only be available if the initial proposal has been submitted

Research Team

  • Restrict the editing of faculty persons and effort during confirm research team
  • Display faculty and non-faculty in separate lists on confirm research team page
  • Limit the ability to edit faculty from the segment research team to central roles only

Person search

  • Expanded the person searches in GMAS to include people in the following roles: Consultant, Contractor, Vendor, Security, Other, SAO Affiliate, Field Eds, Hospital Employee, Incoming Employee, Advisor, Volunteer, and Collaborators.


Technical changes to our daily person feed from :

  • Added ability to capture preferred name, faculty code, and student code
  • We will now capture added additional IDM persons of interest types in prep for OAIR integration
  • Fixed bug which incorrectly processed terminated people as blank row in database table
  • Fixed bug so we correctly stored the job start and end dates for people whose positions end and then get renewed
  • Truncated certain people tables and ran zero day file to clean up people data in prep for OAIR integration