GMAS Release 1_56

January 4, 2021
GMAS release 1_56 will be available at the start of business on Monday January 18th 2021.

Outside Activity and Interest Reporting (OAIR) and GMAS Integration 

This release includes integration with the new Outside Activity and Interest Reporting System (OAIR), and the retirement of the COI and OAR approvals. This new integration helps to streamline the institutions obligation to collect and review outside activities and interests for investigators associated to grant applications and awards into the existing GMAS workflow.  


Resources for the new OAIR approval in GMAS:


The following enhancements have been made in support of this integration:


  • Created a new approval for "Outside activity and interest reporting". This approval will be generated for every research team member who is marked as an investigator. The approval is read-only and the the status will be updated from the OAIR system.

Investigator flag changes

  • Updated rule to display investigator question for all research team members on all GMAS projects
    • Note: The investigator flag will continue to not be asked for research team members on non PHS+ sponsored projects created prior to the release for non HMS schools (University Area and SPH)


Approval list screen changes

  • Created groupings of "Needed approvals" and "Done approvals" on the approval list screen to help clarify if proposal submission and award set up can move forward
    • Also created a grouping for "Legacy approvals" which houses all retired approvals associated to the project
  • Added the ability to access documents related to approvals on the approval list screen
  • Added an Update OAIR button to get a real time status update for outstanding OAIR approvals


Segment status changes

  • New segment status for "Pending: Notice Logged" to help identify the at-award stage 
    • This is not a status in the database that can be reported on
  • Updated the segment status for "Pending: At-Risk" to occur when an at-risk request is fully authorized instead of when it is awarded


Approval status changes

  • Added new approval statuses
    • Pending update
    • Pending in OAIR
    • Pending (Create sent)
    • Withdrawn from OAIR



  • Created new interfaces
    • Create/Send - Sends OAIR approvals related to HUIDs to the OAIR system
    • Update - Sends project and OAIR approval updates to the OAIR system
    • Get Update - Retrieves updated status information for OAIR approvals from the OAIR system (this is the same interface called when selecting <Update OAIR> from approval list screen)
    • Send Delete - Sends any deleted or withdrawn OAIR approvals to the OAIR system


  • Removed the "COI reviewed" column from the pending notices dashboard
  • Retired the OAR approval screen
  • Retired all interfaces related to connections to the OAR system
  • Retired update OAR button from approval list screen
  • Retired the COI approval screen
  • Retired all interfaces related to connections to the fCOI system
  • Retired update COI button from approval list screen
  • Retired all fCOI notifications form GMAS
  • Retired Foreign/Overseas approval screen
  • Retired Legacy COI approval screen
  • Removed the COI disclosure panel from the person profile 
  • Legacy approvals (COI, OAR, Legacy COI, Foreign Overseas) will no longer appear in the needed approvals section of the segment homepage regardless of latest status


  • Create request screen has been converted to a modal screen 
    • The three screens related to a request prior to this release have been retired
  • Fixed balance calculation on the financial deliverables edit category adjustments screen to include reportable interest
  • Added a rule requiring a notice logged to be associated with a proposal when the segment status is pending or not funded
  • Enhanced the segment homepage to update with the appropriate request data (approvals and research teams) when a notice is logged for the first time against a prior version proposal
    • This change helps to facilitate the review of the proper approvals and research team members before the award is set up 
  • Fixed a the <Delete> button for subagreements to display tool-tip when disabled based on security 
  • Updated the wording in the actions required section of the International collaboration and activities request when the international form has not been completed yet to match the action required from the initial proposal
  • Update the wording on research team screens to remove gender specific, OAR, and COI language
  • Correct the order of the cancel and done buttons on the edit justification modal for both the cost sharing and international collaboration and activities requests


  • Added a new admin module page to query OAIR statuses
  • OAIR approval screen created in UI-toolkit
  • Created API to send GMAS people data to HURON suite of applications to facilitate OAIR project. This work also includes:
    • Modifying how the IDM feed updates certain GMAS tables to ensure we have correct records when a person leaves Harvard and then returns
    • Daily updates to the internal code tables for department, faculty, job, school which allows us to capture the appropriate descriptions
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