PI Dashboard


The PI Dashboard provides a summary view for an individual PI.

For any GMAS user who is a PI, his or her own dashboard will be the default GMAS home page. It can be easily accessed by clicking the "HarvardGMAS" logo at the top of any GMAS page.

The PI Dashboard currently replaces the GMAS homepage for PIs, but it can still be accessed directly using the following url: https://gmas.harvard.edu/gmas/user/SCR0270GMASHomePage.jsp

For other users, there is also a link on every PI's profile page to access their dashboard.

The PI Dashboard contains four major sections:

  • Required signatures
  • Active projects
  • Pending projects
  • Inter-faculty involvement


The user should be able to log into GMAS at http://gmas.harvard.edu/gmas.

Required Signatures


  • Any signitures currently needed from the PI will appear at the top of the page.
  • Only the PI will see the <Go to sign> button.

Active Projects

All active projects are shown in this section and are sorted by obligated end date.

Time Remaining

This section shows the remaining obligated time in days, weeks, or months. If there is additional anticipated time, the anticipated end date also appears

Money Remaining

This section provides a summary snapshot of the project financials. The total authorized amount includes obligated money plus any carryforward. If a project has subagreements, an additional section will be shown showing the authorized/expense information for both Harvard and the subagreements

  • All dollar amounts shown are direct only. Indirect amounts are not included in the PI Dashboard.
  • Dollar amounts are cumulative across all obligated budget periods.

Spending Chart

The spending chart shows a graphical representation of the expense history for the project, as well as projected spending based on the past spending rate.

The left boundary of the chart represents the start date of the project, and the right boundary represents the obligated end date.

The green line indicates the current authorized amount for the award (obligated direct plus carryforward).

The blue line indicates the actual expenses to date over the life of the project.

The grey line indicates projected spending based on the past spending rate.

Burn rate calculation is percent money spent divided by percent time elapsed:

  • (total direct expenses / authorized direct amount) / ((today - obligated start date)/(obligated end date - obligated start date))

Projected balance is calculated based on the burn rate and the obligated time remaining authorized direct amount

  • (authorized direct amount * burn rate)
  • The spending chart will not be displayed if the total direct expenses is $0
  • The burn rate and projected balance will not be displayed if the obligated end date is in the past


The links section provides quick access to various sections of the project in GMAS:
•    Action memos
•    Dates and dollars
•    Research staff
•    Requests
•    Subagreements
•    Accounts
•    Approvals
•    Documents
•    Financial reports
•    Non-financial reports

  • Note: The links section will not appear for any user without GMAS access to view an individual project

Ended Projects

Any projects where the anticipated end date is in the past will not be displayed by default, but can be shown using the <Ended projects> button.

Pending Projects

Pending projects are listed, divided into two sections: Proposals that have not yet been submitted, and proposals that have been submitted.

Inter-faculty Involvement

The inter-faculty involvement section lists projects where the dashboard owner is on the research team, but is not the PI of the project.