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Current and Pending Support Downloads

There are two GMAS report downloads intended to support the process of creating “Other support” documents.

  • Active and pending projects: lists all projects where a person is on the research team in GMAS, and is available to all GMAS users.
  • Other support and activities: expanded version of "Active and pending projects" that includes additional data from the OAIR and Agreements systems. Individuals can only get this report for themselves.

Signing Electronically in GMAS

This page walks you through the steps required to log a signature when being added as a signatory to a proposal or a request. Please note, before signing ensure that all request (or proposal) components and uploaded documents are accurate. Signing indicates that you approve of the data that has been entered and that relevant documents are ready for submission to the sponsor.


1. After receiving the GMAS generated email, select the request hyperlink within the body of the email to...

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