GMAS Release 1_52

November 12, 2019

GMAS release 1_52 will be available at the start of business on Monday, November 18th. 

GMAS/ESTR Integration

This release includes GMAS/ESTR integration for IRB approvals. IRB study details will be synced from the ESTR system not in GMAS. The links between IRB studies and GMAS projects happens in ESTR (GMAS link field). Through this linking, the IRB approval in GMAS will now show all ESTR statuses and high level study information. Details of this enhancement include:

  • New nightly job that feeds data from ESTR to GMAS
  • Updated approval WIP logic to include all ESTR statuses
  • Update ESTR "Needed" statuses on the request 
  • Update default status and attributes for human subjects approvals
  • Added an IRB bypass option available to central offices
  • Added a new panel on the approval list screen which displays if there is an ESTR study associated to a project where the human subjects response was answered "No"

Standing Team Scope Updates

  • Converted the "Team org coverage" screen which is available to client services to update the org and PI coverage of a standing team
  • Updated the TOOR interface to make updates to all standing teams that have a tub-wide scope to add child orgs under the tub to those standing teams  

Current and Pending

  • Added person id (for the logged in user) to the report request for the current and pending report download


  • Added a new field for project summary to the initial/competing renewal entry screens
  • Added the A21 code to the top of the segment homepage
  • Updated security for <Edit> research team so that only central offices can edit the effort for individuals classified as faculty, junior faculty, or other faculty

Bug Fixes

  • Add Participation Agreement Signature screen to the RF_SCREENS table to fix logfile errors
  • Fixed a bug that was causing the <Apply receipt> button to bring the user back to the segment homepage when navigating to receivables from the WIP panel
  • Added an update to the default root value when changing the PI/Mentor of a request