GMAS Release 1_53.3

June 1, 2020

GMAS release 1_53.3 is a minor enhancement and bug fix release and was made available on Tuesday June 2, 2020

  • Added a new modal window to show the status history for cost sharing approvals
  • Updated the text when creating a new cost sharing request to be more clear and consistent
  • Fixed an issue where "sponsor due date" was incorrectly getting set for cost sharing requests
  • Fixed an issue where new cost share forms were including signatures incorrectly
  • Fixed an incorrect url for reporting on non-converted GMAS screens
  • Added the ability to include a tooltip for signatures on the cost sharing form
  • Fixed an issue where PeopleSoft costing at the "Position" level was not importing correctly
  • Updated the language on the security error page to include links to the Participation agreement and authorized requestor list