GMAS Release 1_50

May 29, 2019

The May 2019 GMAS release will be available on May 31, 2019. The release includes enhancements to comments, fixes for financial deliverables, updates to external organizations, and much more.

Changes to comments

  • Added the ability to allow central users to delete comments
  • Added a new central reviewer proposal comments section to initials and competing renewals.

Changes to the Current and Pending support download

  • Proposed effort is now included for pending projects
  • Pending projects show proposed dollars from the first budget period
  • Project number now included
  • Sponsor and Prime Sponsor are both included
  • Projects with unawarded continuations or supplements are now included

Updates for financial deliverables

  • Corrected the run time for the report dashboard processor torun on the sixth business day of the month instead of the seventh.
  • Added the invoice amount on the bulk approve modal.
  • Added a rule to include transactions prior to the IDC effective date in the GL overhead amount in the accounts panel.  
  • Corrected the filename for supporting documents sent to sponsor to prevent the file from displaying the description in the attachment. 
  • Resolved the issue of an error page displaying after removing a deliverable from on hold. 
  • Added rule to not code a deliverable with the "Prior adjustment" error if the adjustment was a system generated OH adjustment.
  • Adjusted the interest for deliverables to be cumulative. 

Other changes

  • Added the ability to edit the request dates from the proposed dates and dollars panel on proposal home.
  • Updated the PHS sponsor list which controls which sponsors get COI approvals for HSPH and the University Area
  • Added a new funding instrument, "Other transaction authority" available for federal funds
  • Added "Small business subcontracting plan" to the segment home key info section. 
  • Moved the administrative team link to the "Less detail" view of the segment snapshot
  • Removed the "School specific information" link from the "More detail" view of the segment snapshot.
  • Converted the retract request confirmation screen for initial proposals
  • Created a new filter for Sponsor/Prime sponsor on the requests dashboard to allow for searching by acronym or organization full name.
  • Added a timestamp in the "Date" field for the GL upload history on the fund, activity, and subactivity screens.
  • Converted the program income entry screen to a modal 
  • Added functionality to automatically create shell accounts for IFI PI's in proposals.
  •  Added new page level help to converted screens to assist with communication.
  •  Added links to a segment detail modal for the "Recent overhead rates" panel from the external organization homepage. 
  • Added "project type" as a column in the "Related segments" detail modals from the external organization homepage.

Other bug fixes

  • Deleting external organizations will not result in an error if it was once associated as a subagreement but is no longer. 
  • Corrected behavior when creating a new organization that indicated the organization was a duplicate if the name was a partial match.
  • Fixed error when adding IFI PI's and marking them to be added to the research team in an "Interfaculty involvement addition at no additional cost" request.
  • Fixed error messages that were missing data and not creating help desk tickets.
  • Corrected an issue that resulted in a count mismatch in the related segments panel on the external organization homepage. 
  • Fixed a bug which prevented the fund number from displaying in search results.


  • Upgrade BouncyCastle to new version
  • sunset iText library in GMAS application
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