Budget Posting Failures

How to fix General Ledger (GL) budget failures sent from GMAS.

This job aid provides instructions for how to correct failures with budgets sent to the GL from GMAS.

What happens when a budget submitted in GMAS fails processing by the GL?

If there is a failure, there will be a panel on the segment homepage for the account:

Failed GL budget upload

In addition, the person who submitted the budget to the GL will receive an email:

Email of Failed GL posting

How will I know why the transactions failed at the GL?

The failure email contains an attachment called “gl_emailfile.rtf”, which specifies the lines which were effected and the failure reason.

Error Code


Accounting  Date


Entered Debit

Entered Credit

Accounting Flexfield/CCID


GMAS 150 Budg







GMAS 150 Budg






The error code “EFO4” is defined near the end of the document.

EF04 - This is an invalid Accounting Flexfield.  Check your cross-validation rules and segment values.

The budget should only fail if a cross validation rule needs to be relaxed. If you get a different error code, please reply to the failure email to notify the GMAS helpdesk.

How do you relax the cross validation rule?

  1. The client services website has information on how to request the cross validation rule be relaxed.

  2. To verify the rule has been relaxed for that account string, check the Chart of Accounts Validator, by entering the 33-digit code. The Results section of the website will indicate if it can be transacted to.

  3. Once you are confident the account string is now valid and active, go to GMAS, click <Edit GL budget> button from the segment home panel (or the Account List screen). The “Remaining allocation to budget” should be equal to zero on the budget screen in GMAS. Click the <Save and Send budget to GL> button to reprocess the budget transaction.

Who do I contact if I need help?

The failure email has a return address of contactgmas@harvard.edu. You can reply to the failure email or contact the GMAS helpdesk.