Principal Investigator

Interfaculty Involvement

Adding interfaculty involvements to a project in GMAS helps to identify PIs that the owning PI will be cross collaborating with internally and helps to give the correct administrative contacts appropriate access to the project. This job aid will cover the steps to add interfaculty involvement, and review what access is provided when interfaculty involvement PIs and department administrators are associated to the project.



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Requests dashboard

The Requests dashboard provides visibility into all requests that are in process, submitted to sponsor, or in the process of being awarded. The dashboard is broken out into tabs by request status. This job aid will review the different filters, tabs, and what information is available on this dashboard.


This job aid assumes that the reader has an understanding of the basic functionality and terminology of GMAS.

For the purposes of this document, all...

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Overview of the Initial Proposal and Competing Renewal Homepage

This job aid supports the re-designed proposal homepage. Users across the system will encounter the new proposal homepage for Initials and Competing Renewals, and this job aid serves as a tool for understanding the new layout. The proposal homepage still allows users to retrieve and edit proposal data, and navigate between proposal versions. The re-design brings outstanding tasks and key information front and center.  

There are six main sections of data on the re-designed proposal home: Proposal type/version switcher, left navigation, action...

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Crosswalk: The New GMAS Homepage

Starting December 19, 2016, the GMAS homepage will be upgraded to match the new GMAS look and feel. Along with conversion, there are some minor changes to the homepage. Those changes are highlighted in this crosswalk document.

                New GMAS Homepage                                                 Old GMAS Homepage...

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GMAS Security Deconstructed

GMAS security ensures appropriate access to secure information and allows users to perform functions applicable to their job. For example, it restricts the creation of accounts to users in central roles, and limits observer roles to view only access.

Security can be added through Standing teams and/or Administrative teams. Standing team security designates permissions by role and assigned by org or org/PI combination. Administrative team security is comprised of roles managed on a segment by segment basis.



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Budget Posting Failures

How to fix General Ledger (GL) budget failures sent from GMAS.

This job aid provides instructions for how to correct failures with budgets sent to the GL from GMAS.

What happens when a budget submitted in GMAS fails processing by the GL?

If there is a failure, there will be a panel on the segment homepage for the account:


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