GMAS Homepage

Please reference the key below for an overview of the GMAS homepage features.

*Please note that not all homepage features will appear for all GMAS user roles.


1 - 7 The Global Navigation Bar appears at the top of all converted view screens

1. Go to the GMAS Homepage.
2. Enter search criteria. Select the search button to choose the criteria to search by, or just hit enter on the keyboard after entering a fund number to go straight to that segment homepage. 
3. Use Advance project search to narrow your search focus even more. For example the option to search just for ARRA funds is provided in advance search.
4. Search for person profiles.
5. Search for sponsors, subcontractors or Harvard department profiles.
6. Links provides sites that are commonly used in parallel with GMAS (OBI, ecrt, ESTR, PI Dashboard, etc.)
7. The person menu provides links to view your person profile, log out, and access your to-do', documents, and portfolio.

8 The Create an initial proposal button 

8. Begins the process of creating a proposal. 

9 News

9. The news section is updated frequently by the GMAS team to notify users of outages, current blogs, and any other news that may be relevant to users.

10-13 Dashboards

10. See proposals and internal requests in process (started but not yet submitted to sponsor or awarded).
11. See proposals submitted to via GMAS.
12. See Sponsor Notices received by Harvard but not yet awarded.
13. Search opportunities and see if they are supported for submission via GMAS.


14. Search for non-federal checks and wires received by the University.
15. Search for non-federal income expected by the University.
16. Search and manage standing teams (management of standing teams is limited to GMAS authorized requestors).
17. Additional security information (limited to the GMAS team).
18. Used by the OSP Cash Team to aid in the Letter of Credit drawdown process (please note this is only visible to certain central users).

19 Recently Viewed Projects

19. Llist of projects recently viewed. Can be configured to show last 5, 10, 15, 20, 50, or 100 projects viewed. Selecting the project id will link to the segment homepage. Fund numbers will appear in the recently viewed list for projects that are at-risk or awarded.