GMAS release 1_51 available Monday, September 9th

GMAS will be unavailable starting at 6PM Friday, September 6th for a release. It will be available again as of the start of business on Monday, September 9th. 

Departments/Schools may be interersted in the following release highlights:

  • Account list from requests will be converted to the new look and feel and will clarify which accounts were created in the request
  • Accounts created automatically by GMAS (main accounts, and IFI part of accounts) will default root values based on PI and org
  • New project type, "Billing agreements" available for new proposals entered
  • Department administrators added to the recipient list of "Notice logged" emails
  • Added two new discipline codes ("Materials Science" and "Natural Resources and Conservation") and update made to the "Medical (Clinical)" discipline code to now list as "Health Sciences"

Central offices may be interested in the above, and in the following release highlights:

  • Fixed deliverable bugs:
    • Automatic overhead adjustment will now include an adjustment comment
    • Automatic overspent adjustments will now allow for positive amounts as well as negative amounts
    • Deliverables with multiple receivables will no longer display multiple times on the list screen 
  • Updated emails that send deliverbales from GMAS to send one email to all recipients 
  • Added support in GMAS for "Billing agreements"
    • New project type available for new proposals
    • New funding instrument option in segment revision
  • Added functionality which automatically updates the "University-Wide" standing teams with new orgs as they are introduced into GMAS
  • Converted and simplified data entry for request submission (recording partial submission no longer available)

For additional details of these enhancements/fixes, and additional enhancements/fixes, please visit the GMAS 1_51 Release page. For questions about these changes please email