GMAS unavailable starting at 6:00pm on July 15th, 2022 until the start of business on July 18th, 2022 for the July 2022 release.

GMAS will be unavailable beginning at 6PM on Friday July 15th. This outage is to support the upcoming July 2022 release scheduled to be available by the start of business on Monday July 18th. The focus of this release includes enhancements to support new notifications preferences and a new daily digest. Additional enhancements include updates to the subagreement list screen, new bulk action functionality in document repositories, as well as bug fixes and technical changes.   

Highlight of the changes in this release include:

  • Updates to the subagreement list screen
    • Hiding end dated subs in a new panel at the bottom of the screen to reduce clutter
    • A new section added to show amendments in process at the top of the screen
    • Changes in language on screen from "Subagreements" to "Subrecipients"
  • New functionality to perform bulk actions in document repositories (move, delete, lock, unlock)
  • New notifications preferences page available from person profile, to opt in and out of new daily and weekly digest notifications
  • New FAIN (Federal Award Identification Number) field added to federal award notices 
  • Additional transaction monitoring rules applied in GMAS to monitor for objects 8921-8930, and object codes not allowed on participant support cost type accounts
  • Other small bug fixes and enhancements

For full release notes, visit the "July 2022 GMAS release" page on the GMAS website.

Please reach out to with any questions related to the release.